Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2011


This city is so interesting when you have enough time to explore it. As a "normal tourist" you only see the tip of the iceberg!
Since we were there for TWO weeks we had a bit more time and so some of us went to the various markets you can find all over the city.
Just "around the corner" of our college we had two markets with quite a tradition:



Both markets were only a few minutes walk away from the college.
The links show you much better pictures that I could take because sometimes you feel a bit stupid when you take too many pictures :)

One afternoon after the lessons I went by tube (on the Northern Line) to CAMDEN where I found a highly interesting market in an even more interesting part of London.
Here I took my own photos!
Have a look!

On Saturday morning I found my way to the other side of the city to one more market:

PORTOBELLO ROAD Street Market in Notting Hill. Unfortunately, Hugh Grant was not there :)
Of course, you have to be really strong not to buy too much, money is easily spent at these markets ...

That's all for the moment. I visited ONE more market, I'm going to tell you about it next time. I can tell you it will be highly interesting for all "FOODIES"

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