Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011


On Friday after dinner I said goodbye to all my friends from Germany, Spain and Sweden. But I still had almost one complete day in Brighton because my flight from London Heathrow only left at 8 pm on Saturday.

So, I thought about another trip with my fabulous bus saver ticket. After my camera refused working when we last went to the cliffs I decided to go back there. Meanwhile, I had found out that it was not the camera but the spare battery that had caused the trouble.

I took the bus to Eastbourne and got off at a place called Beachy Head, from there I walked for about one and a half hour to Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters. The sun was shining and it was the perfect thing to do to say FAREWELL to Brighton.

Beachy Head Lighthouse

the tide was low in the morning

It is sad but true that the cliffs at Beachy Head are not only famous for their natural beauty ...

After I have arrived home safely I had a look at all these beautiful pictures, and I went through all materials I got from the college and thought of all these great people I met and I am definitely sure that I'm going to apply again for another teachers course after the next 24 months are over.

This is the final entry about my time in Great Britain. But for all who have enjoyed reading and looking at pictures - I ask you to check from time to time because in November our HFS class for hotel management will stay in London for two weeks and I really DO hope to inspire them to continue this blog.

Have a great time & see you soon at school.

Best wishes,

Mrs. Bird

Jamie's Italian food

Which picture shows which dish?
The guessing is "easy-peasy" for all cooking experts!

  1. Fish in the bag

 2. Cockles and ribbon noodles in a creamy sauce

 3. Cuttlefish risotto

 4. Skewered scallops in bacon coat on a bed of rocket

These were the four main dishes we had on our last evening in Brighton when we ate at Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant. You have to queue for a place because on a Friday evening they don't take any reservations.
The restaurant was really crowded and if it hadn't been for the "Jamie experience" I wouldn't have liked it there because it was so noisy. But in the end it was worth it: the food was delicious and the waitress fantastic. She really contributed to this wonderful evening.


Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011

This one is for all FOODIES

Back home I found a lot more interesting pictures I could add to my blog - I hope somebody is still checking:) This year I had really lots of delicious food in Britain. For all of you who have already heard of baked beans for breakfast know that this is nothing very normal in Britain. But Brighton really is not only a shoppers' paradise as one of my hotel students told me, it is also a city with countless restaurants of every possible nationality.

To start with, Britain's well-known celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has two places where you can taste delicious food. I went to both of them!

This place called RECIPEAS was like a restaurant and a shop all in one, you could watch the cooks preparing your food, buy knives, plates, bowls and all sorts of utensils, cookery books and spices, and of course eat and enjoy your meal.

rosemary-seared beef and roast pumpkin and rocket salad, feta cheese,
toasted pine nuts and mustard dressing

Furthermore, we ate Indian, Mexican, and Thai food. Everything was very tasty - even the English dishes were good - and I can't tell you which one is my favourite.

prawns in red chilli sauce with basmati rice and spring rolls as a side dish

pork pie, toasted wholemeal bread and apple chutney

Well, I think, I have talked enough about food - are you hungry now?!

Tomorrow I'll show you some pictures of my last day in Brighton. So you can see how I said "good bye"

Kind regards,

Mrs. Bird

Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011

Trip to Arundel

Today was the last possibility for doing some "touristy" things because we had a free afternoon. Tomorrow lesson will be from 1 to 6 pm again - on a Friday ...

So, we went to a place called ARUNDEL where we visited this impressive castle and because it started to rain we took refuge in a restaurant called the "Tudor Rose".

"Cream Tea" with fruit scone, jam and clotted cream and a pot of Earl Grey tea

That's all for today. Bye!

Meeting at the ECBM in London


I hope at least some of you are waiting for this report! Yesterday I skipped my lessons here in Brighton to meet Sarah and Winkate at the EUROPEAN COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT in London. They are two lovely young women who also will be teaching you when in London.

Just in time before our meeting they sent the online information pack which we will have to fill in (or out) at the beginning of our next school term. There's some work awaiting you people :)

You will receive some preparation tasks and you will also get time in London for doing project work. The list of topics is already included in the package. But at the end you will have THREE certificates to take home and to spice up your CVs with.

The college is not far away from Liverpool Street Station and it is situated in a bustling area of London, not far from the financial district.
You will also get contact information about the host families and you are asked to contact them before we go there. So you can agree with them about a meeting point, some of them might even pick you up from the station or the Underground on the day of your arrival. 

I hope you all are enjoying your holidays or at least the "teacher-free" time. If the weather is as cool and wet as it is here at the moment all of you working in a beergarden don't have too many guests.Tomorrow is my last school day here and we'll go out for a farewell dinner, so maybe this is going to be the last entry written directly from Britain.

I'm adding another short post for all who are not going to London with the HFS in November.

See you later,


Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

The Seven Sisters

You might think, what a funny title for a day!
But this was the destination of our afternoon trip today. The brilliant Norwegian weather website had got it right again - Am I repeating myself?! - and the sun was shining brightly after school. That's why we took bus 13X to Eastbourne and got off at these fabulous white cliffs which Britain is so famous for.

And these are called the SEVEN SISTERS

You see, this view just blows you away!

There NOT enough adjectives to express my enthusiasm:


But why must there always be a dark side in everything? When we arrived on the spot I had to change the battery of my camera, which should have been no problem at all because I always recharge my spare battery at night. But the camera was not working!!
Luckily my Swedish friend's camera was doing a good job as you can see.

If you are interested in knowing more about these cliffs, go to the following link - you can also see more photos there:,_Sussex

This is all for today.
Just in case anybody from the hotel mangement students is reading this: tomorrow I'll have a meeting with a lady from the EUROPEAN COLLEGE of BUSINESS and MANAGEMT in London! Back at home the online preparation pack has arrived.

Have you all booked flights already?

Bye, Bye

Mrs. Bird

Montag, 18. Juli 2011

I don't like Mondays!

On my way to town this morning I took some photos of these beautiful houses in the residential area where I stay in Hove which is directly next to Brighton. I hope nobody will feel offended that I took a photo of their house, but like on Street View I was careful not to show any people or car's number plates. I hope any British people who might see this can see how much I like these wonderful buildings.

Actually it was only the horrible weather that made me thinking of that song title in my headline for today. As I told you yesterday school started at 1 pm today and so did the rain!
I had a sleep in this morning, wrote more postcards, did some homework for our school project, and had an early lunch with my Swedish friend and colleague  at "Los Amigos", a Mexican restaurant in Hove.

As you can see, the restaurant was completely empty at that time, but the food was very tasty and the service quick.

Los Amigos, 60 Church Road, Hove, UK 
Sizzling chicken fajitas, cream, guacamole, salsa
For tomorrow my fabulous Norwegean weather forecast has "sunny spells" for us and we have lessons in the morning. Because we want to finish our project on time we even agreed on starting earlier, that means getting up at 6.30 am.
So, it's bed time for teachers :)

Kind regards,

Mrs. Bird