Montag, 18. November 2013


When I'm in London it is always nice to visit Covent Garden - especially in the time before Christmas the decorations are sumptuous. You get a real "Christmassy" feeling.

Street entertainers always try to involve the audience

But Covent Garden is also famous for unusual products, often handmade and therefore quite pricey.

This time I found a stall with extremely funny working clothes for chefs - would your bosses at work like to see you in such aprons and caps?

The seller of these clothes looked a bit grumpy at me because I took photos, but did not seem to be in the mood for buying her stuff. So I told her that I'm in London with a group of chefs who are learning English here, which made her smile - 
and she gave me her card. Just in case anyboby of you would like to buy one of these ...

I'll soon be Christmas, maybe your girlfriends or grannies are still looking for present ideas!


  1. die bilber von london sind schön frau vogel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. vorallen die t-shirts fetzen