Freitag, 1. November 2013

George Heriot's School in Edinburgh

 Open Doors at Heriot's School

One day our group of teachers went on walking tour through Edingburgh. She was very well informed and gave us such useful bits of information as where Joanne K. Rowling REALLY wrote her Harry Potter books and she informed us about the open doors at a very prestigious school in town.

So, some of us decided to take a closer look at this school. There we met a couple of friendly senior students who were willing to show us around and patiently answered our questions. Unfortunately, it was not possible to have a look at the class rooms, but we saw the chapel, the board room, one of the staff rooms, and the gym with all its state-of-the-art equipment.

Have a look yourself. Don't they look posh in their school uniforms? For more information about the school, go to its website via this link:

... looks more like a castle than a school

The gate house - entrance to the school's premises

View from the school yard to Edinburgh Castle

My colleague is interviewing  a student

Seat of the school board president

The school board is responsible for the finances, among other things

Staff room
This modern class room belongs to the gym section

 If you think of this school for your children later - here you can check the costs ...

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