Montag, 11. November 2013

London in the drizzle

After our first day at college we were all in need of some relaxing activities. Some of my students wanted to go sightseeing or shopping, others said they needed a pint of beer in a pub. My own urgent desire was: FRESH AIR.

So, I went for a stroll through the City of London
 (, where I came across the beautiful traditional Leadenhall Market,

... at "Bank"-tube-station I got on to Leicester Square. There I was attracted by some loud music and cheering crowds of people - as I got nearer I noticed that it was premier night at the Odeon Cinema. All the actors and the director of the next film about "The Hunger Games" were there on the Red Carpet.
But to tell the truth, I did not see anything because the view was blocked with big high fences with back cloth. ...

That's why I moved on through the drizzling rain. But the British climate was "friendly" as it did not feel cold. At the end of my little tour I came across another beautiful place which is called Seven Dials - it is a round place where seven streets cross. There they already had switched on the Christmas lighting and it looked really romantic:

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